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Understanding Your Skin Type

by Fahad Shahzad 20 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Everyone wants to have glowing skin in order to look young and attractive. Let’s be honest; regardless of gender, everyone likes to receive good compliments regarding their appearance. But to attain good looks, you need to have a good skincare routine. Apart from making you look exceptional, a good face also positively impacts your overall health, so you must take good care of yourself.

There are different types of skin, so methods of care can vary accordingly. People are usually curious to know “How to know your skin type?”. Well, there are methods to know about your type, but first, you must know what are the different types of skin. It includes normal, oily, dry, combination, acne-pro, sensitive, and mature. All these types offer unique challenges and benefits too.

People think that only using moisturizers, cleaners, face wash, and other relevant Skincare Products is enough. Well, that's good if you use these products, but it is also crucial to know about other factors which can make things easier for you in this regard. Let’s explore this guide to find out more relevant details.

6 Types of Skin

You must know about the different skin types which can help you take better care of your face and take the right measures accordingly. We have also mentioned the symptoms of each type, so you can identify them easily.

Skin Types

Let’s find out more about it.


Generally speaking, new products or alterations in the weather have no negative effects. As a result, you don't need to keep moisturizing or remove oil from your face. Compared to the other types, this type can withstand the majority of substances. Test out various cleansers, moisturizers, and masks before settling on one.

Some of its prominent symptoms include:

  • There are no acne issues.
  • No defects, wrinkles, or fine lines
  • Neither overly greasy nor excessively dry
  • Not delicate
  • Few pores are visible.

If you have this type, you need to use a quality face wash, stay hydrated, and use body scrub regularly to get rid of dead cells and dirt.


Your face will always shine if you have an oily type. Your only hope is in blotting papers and mattifying powders. You have a problem with facial oil secretion in the morning, and makeup application can be very time-consuming as well.

Some of its symptoms are:

  • Larger pore size.
  • A shiny or smooth face that has a dark tone.
  • Blackheads, acne, pimples, and other flaws are present.
  • Excessive production of sebum.

If you fall under this type, then you must avoid sweaty undergarments. Also, you must use mild cleanser regularly and don’t scrub your face.

Dry and Dehydrated

A lack of oil causes it to become dehydrated. Some signs include flakiness, sensitivity, itching, and cracking. The most frequent causes of the dry face are a person's lifestyle, their surroundings, or a chronic condition.

Dehydration is a result of not maintaining enough moisture. Its symptoms are that your cells are pushed together, it feels tight, seems papery, or develops minute wrinkles.

If you fall under this type, then you must follow the following tips.

  • Don’t take more than one shower per day.
  • Use mild, gentle soaps or cleansers.
  • Don’t use deodorant.
  • Use quality after-bath moisturizer.
  • Try to keep your body in cool temperatures.


If you are facing issues like dry patches and also have an oily face at the same time, then it means you fall under this type. Some of its symptoms include blocked pores, a shiny body, and dry areas in certain parts of the body and oily in others.

Individuals having this type of condition must avoid products containing alcohol. They should consult the expert right away and get the spot treatment. They may also use quality toners to balance the tone.


If you are allergic to different environmental factors or have any genetic issues, then you probably have this type. Its symptoms are constant itching, redness, rashes, and the presence of flaky or dry patches. It can be really irritating if you have this type.

Here are some care tips that you must follow.

  • Firstly, be mindful while choosing cosmetics products to avoid any irritation.
  • Do not buy products containing antimicrobials and alcohol.
  • Choose the product with minimum chemicals and which contains more healing and healthy ingredients.
  • Consume a healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables.


You must know that skin has a lot to do with age. If you have wrinkles and your face is drier as compared to your youth, then you fall under this type. Some of its symptoms are obvious dryness signs, sagging face, aged complexion, and dark patches.

If you have this type, then you should change your care routine to achieve good results. Firstly, you need to get good sleep that will help you to overcome stress. Also, you must exercise and meditate daily. It will help you to stay in healthy and good shape and keep you perfectly moisturized.


Types of Skin

You must know that there are different factors involved, such as sleep patterns, diet, and lifestyle, which can heavily impact your skin type. It all starts with a healthy lifestyle, so you need to ensure that you are following a healthy routine in which you are sleeping on time and waking up early.

Diet is also one of the most crucial elements which can help you in this regard. Before eating anything, get to know about its nutritional value. It will help you know what benefits it can provide your body and how it can improve your overall health.

Many people have a common question that can skin type change? The answer is yes because with age your every body part changes.

You cannot expect yourself to look like a teenager when you are in your 40s. Also, different climate factors can cause changes to your skin type, so these things occur naturally, and you do not have to worry about them. The only thing you need to worry about is your health and care routine.

Hopefully, this guide will provide you with useful information and help you take the best care of yourself.

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