Best Makeup & Cosmetic Brands in Pakistan

With a surge in new cosmetic brands, it can be a daunting task to decide on your go-to makeup and cosmetic brands in Pakistan. Local and international makeup brands add to the magnitude of options to choose from to cater to your skincare needs effectively.

The recent transformation of the cosmetic industry has simplified the regime with a high-end and affordable range for hair care, skin care, personal care, lip care, cosmetics and makeup. Now, one is able to try and acquire products in Pakistan without the need for waiting for someone to travel internationally and get their favorite products.

We have listed down the makeup, cosmetics and skincare brands in Pakistan below:

Dr Rashel

Launched in 2000 in Dubai, Dr. Rashel is an Indian brand with distribution in India, UAE, the US, China, and Pakistan. Rashel has an extensive range of high-quality line up emphasizing natural skincare and is well-known for its serums, creams, scrubs, masks, exfoliators, cleansers, soaps, gels, mousse, and more.

Dr Rashel has a series of ranges categorized under its popular Vitamin C series, 24k Gold Series, and Aloe Vera series. Its convenient packs, deals, and gift boxes make it easy to acquire bundles packs for complete care solutions and, make a great choice to gift to family and friends. If you are passionate about skincare, Dr. Rashel has a 100% risk-free range for radiant, hydrated, and youthful skin. In fact, the user-friendly products for each concerning skin problem, labeled to help you choose the right for you. Concerned about anti-aging, lip care, foot care, eye care, feminine care, protection against the sun, or night care, Dr. Rashel has you covered! Most recently, it has also introduced some skin-friendly cosmetics. Dr Rashel Products Price in Pakistan are nominal and cheaper than other international brands.


Estelin is a sub-brand of Dr. Rashel that offers authentic, high-quality products for the everyday use of every woman. Estelin range includes lip masks, serums, mask sheets, scrubs, shower and shave mousse, foot peels, and more to deep cleanse and detoxify your skin. Along with top-notch quality and results, they come in an affordable range to ensure customer satisfaction and appeal to a wider audience due to their suitability to each complexion and skin type. Estelin Products Prices in Pakistan can vary so can order from Wosmetic at nominal prices.


Based in China, Bio aqua is a globally acknowledged brand specializing in high-performing, plant-based skincare solutions for natural skincare. Combining decades of experience, ancient formulas, and scientific testing, Bioaqua offers unique formulas utilizing advanced plant extraction technology for enhanced and effective skincare, hair care, and makeup.

Best-selling products by Bioaqua include exfoliators, masks, blackhead solutions, ace treatments, and skin hydrants among others. It has gained recognition and customer loyalty around the world primarily due to its effective and affordable skincare solutions. They are gender friendly and has an entire range dedicated to Men’s only. For women, Bioaqua offers an extensive range including BB Cream, sunscreens, masks, body skincare, hair treatments, cleansers, fragrances, and more. You can easily find a premium, quality of your choice as their line up are categorized by ingredients, skin type, and concern. Wosmetic offers the Lowest Bio Aqua Products Prices in Pakistan.


Founded in 1914 in the USA, Maybelline New York is a global brand with 200 products and a presence in around 129 countries worldwide. It was launched with a brow gel, cake mascara for the eyes, eyebrow pencils, colored eye shadows, and eyeliners setting new trends for dramatic, youthful makeup.

To date, the top-selling and customer-choice of this American multinational, skincare, and personal care which include its mascaras, eyeliners, and brow pencils. Its Fit Me foundations, blushes, instant age rewind eye concealer, liquid lipsticks, and great lash waterproof mascara are a huge hit. Due to the Maybelline Products Prices in Pakistan, its loved by a huge population. Your daily use haul is incomplete without these premium, must-have Maybelline products.

Huda Beauty

Launched in 2013 in Dubai by makeup artist and beauty blogger Huda Kattan, Huda Beauty is arguably one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brands. It started off with high-quality faux eyelashes and has expanded its catalog to pigmented eye shadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, lip contour pencils, and complexion.

Utilizing the power of social media, this relatively new cosmetic brand has a growing fan base including A-list celebrities and members of a royal family using its instant best-seller products around the globe. Huda Beauty is driven by consumer demand and feedback from audience interaction on social media, that emphasize ‘maximalism’ instead of minimalism and, promoting the outlet of wearing it to express yourself. For women who enjoy doing personal care that gives a real-life IG filter effect, Huda Beauty is the right brand with excellent and long-lasting coverage, you can check Huda Beauty Products Prices in Pakistan on our online store – Wosmetic.

Kylie Cosmetics

Founded in 2014 by popular American socialite Kylie Jenner, Kylie has grown from selling the iconic Kylie lip kits to include bronzers, highlighters, blushes, eyeliners, brow essentials, liquid lipsticks, high glosses, and lip blushes. As Kylie puts it forward, Kylie Cosmetics products prices in Pakistan are a bit high as they are vegan, cruelty-free, skin-friendly, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Alongside, Kylie Cosmetics has introduced an elaborate range under Kylie Skin that caters to quality skincare, and Kylie Baby which caters to baby care. If you are a fan of the Kardashians and would like to recreate looks by Kylie, Kylie Cosmetics gives you just the right line to follow your inspiration, and look and feel great.

Mac Cosmetics

Founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada, the Makeup Art Cosmetics (M.A.C) is the brainchild of Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo and, is currently a subsidiary of Estée Lauder Companies. Termed the world’s leading beauty trendsetter, this global brand was created by a salon owner and a fashion photographer to cater to the niche of professional makeup and has grown to be sold in 120 countries, the choice of over 13,000 artists worldwide and the used for over 200 fashion shows globally.

A popular choice for both, professionals and consumers around the world, MAC Cosmetics Prices in Pakistan are adequate and is ranked among the top 3 global cosmetic brands with an annual turnover of $1 billion and 500 stores worldwide. The most popular products include Ruby Woo lipsticks and Studio Fix Liquid. Other popular line include matte lipstick, pro-long-wear concealer, and the prep + prime fix + finishing spray.


Founded in 1909 in Paris, France, L’Oreal is a French cosmetic and personal care company, selling in over 150 countries, and a pioneer of beauty products. One of the world’s leading brands, Loreal deals in hair color, hair care, skin care, and perfume. Wosmetics has all of their collections and offers the Loreal Products at the Best Prices in Pakistan.

A global household name for reliable, quality line inclusive of and empowering women and men alike, Loreal segments include consumer, professional, active cosmetics, and, Loreal Luxe. The professional range is an ideal choice for hair salons around the world, the active range comprises dermocosmetic skincare sold in pharmacies and drugstores, whereas the Luxe range comprises high-end beauty and skin line available only at select stores and outlets. For bestsellers, you may want to try their shampoos, masks, creams, and serums, especially from the Revitalift and Serie Expert series which makes luxury and excellence within reach.


Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, USA, NYX Professional Makeup is an American company and a subsidiary of L’Oreal Paris. Sold in over 70 countries, NYX is a certified, cruelty-free, vegan brand. It is named after the Greek goddess of the night and was created with the aim of providing high-quality products in an affordable range. Hence, Wosmetic also offers the Lowest NYX Cosmetics Products Prices in Pakistan

While it initially got popular for its Jumbo eye pencil in White, it’s current best sellers include lip lingerie lipsticks, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundations, Shadow and Color Palettes, and, Matte Finish setting spray.

Miss Rose

Miss Rose Official is a highly popular, local brand that deals in face, eye, and lip care, and accessories. Its popularity is mainly due to its affordability for a wide variety of audiences, making it a choice for most women for daily usage. As the Miss Rose Products Prices in Pakistan are affordable, the manufacturer is capturing the market easily. Its best-selliers include foundation, brow gels, primers, lipsticks, mascaras, and pallets.  If you are on a budget or finding to maintain your upkeep without breaking the bank, Miss Rose would be the best option for you.

Medora of London

Founded in 1961, Medora of London, popularly known as Medora is a leading company offering Medora of London Prices in Pakistan at the Lowest. Its product range includes perfumed talc, fragrances under the sub-brand of ‘Delycia’, shampoos, and a men’s collection of ‘Diplomat’. Its best-sellers include its nail colors and lipsticks available in the matte, semi-matte, and glossy range.

Medora offer affordable products, with a broad range of shades to pick from, and last long. Although the packaging is average, they make a great choice for truly pigmented, ease of availability, and budget-friendliness.

Wet N Wild

Founded in 1979 in New York, USA by Stanley Acker, Wet n Wild is an affordable, accessible, and 100% cruelty-free beauty brand. Pioneer of the first black nail polish, Wet n Wild’s product range includes bronzers, highlighters, foundation, eyeliner, lipsticks, palettes, makeup tools, and amazing collections.

For budget-conscious shoppers looking for an international beauty product, Wet N Wild Prices in Pakistan are nominal and offers a wide variety to match your budget and needs.

Luscious Cosmetics

Founded in 2007 by Mehrbano Sethi, Luscious is a local brand offering quality and affordable makeup for the face, eyes, cheeks, brows, and lips along with brushes and tools. Its best sellers include the Brow Luxe took kit, the face contour kit, the Hydracolor lipstick, the Blush crush, and the Softlight concealer.

Internationally recognized, Luscious Cosmetics in Pakistan aims to cater to women with darker skin tones and strong pigmentation. It prides itself in being vegan, cruelty-free, and made from plant-derived ingredients making it safe to use for all skin types.

Masarrat Misbah

Founded in 2014, Masarrat Misbah Makeup or MM was founded by Pakistani beauty entrepreneur, cosmetologist, and social activist, Musarrat Misbah. Priding itself on being cruelty-free and the first-ever halal-certified makeup brand in Pakistan, Masarrat Misbah cosmetics products in Pakistan are actually manufactured in Turkey and include a wide variety of lipsticks, foundations, eye varnishes, eyeliners, mascaras, face powders, and blushes.

The best-sellers are silk foundations, silk primer, and silk pressed powder. Giving excellent coverage, a silky smooth finish, and a long-lasting natural appearance, the Silk Foundation is a much sought-after product for South Asian skin types. If you’re looking for halal and quality products to invest in, MM gives great value for money.

Beautify by Amna

Founded in 2016, Beautify by Amna (BBA) by Suleman is a Pakistani cosmetics brand based in Lahore, with sales and distribution in UAE, UK, and Pakistan. BBA’s range covers skincare, hair care, and other skin line. Its best sellers include the 24k gold and roses glowing face serum, the pro brush, and the porfade primer. For oily skin, open pores, and dull skin, BBA’s organic and cruelty-free products offer an affordable option for glowing, smooth, and easy-to-manage skin.


Founded in 1932 by Charles Revson in New York, USA, Revlon is an American multinational brand catering to skincare, personal care, and fragrance. With a diverse portfolio of 15+ lineup and sales in over 150 countries, Revlon is a leading beauty company and a trendsetter in color. Wosmetics offers the Lowest Revlon Prices in Pakistan. Its best-sellers include the Colorsilk hair colors, the Colorstay Foundations, the volumizing mascara, and the lustrous lipsticks. It continues to make its mark in beauty innovation and quality beauty products.

Rimmel London

Founded in 1834 by the French Perfumer Eugène Rimmel, Rimmel London is a British multinational brand and a subsidiary of Coty, Inc. Originally called ‘The House of Rimmel’, it was a pioneer for mouthwashes, toilet vinegar, mascara, aromatherapy, and exclusive fragrances.  In 1996, it was sold to Coty after being run by the Rimmel family for years.

Rimmel London has a broad range of makeup for the face, eyes, lips, nails, and self-tanning. Its best-sellers include super gel nail polish, the lasting finish 25-hour foundation with comfort serum, the match perfection loose powder, and the Scandaleyes reloaded mascara. For an affordable and long-lasting range, you may want to try out their lipsticks and nail polishes.

Etude House

Founded in 1985, Etude House is a South Korean brand and a subsidiary of Amore Pacific. It aims to connect with new and existing users and turn into an interesting and fun part of their daily lives. Its range includes superior skincare. The bestsellers include Drawing Eyebrow, the Sunprise mild airy finish sun milk, moistful collagen cream, and zero sebum among others.

If you are interested in experimenting and creating versatile looks, Etude can be a feasible choice to match your spirit.

Atiqa Odho

Founded in 2004 by acclaimed TV actress Atiqa Odho, Odho aka the Atiqa Odho is a local cosmetic brand and was launched with a set of halal lipsticks for Asian skin tones. Over the years, the brand has expanded its range to cater to garments, makeup and skincare, jewelry, and accessories. The bestsellers products include lipsticks, blush-ons, face powder, pigment powders, and eye shadows available in numerous shades and a highly affordable range.


Founded in 1945 in Germany by Arnold Langer, Kryolan Professional is one of the first cosmetic brands in the world. With a rich history and experience of 75 years, Kryolan prides itself on manufacturing its own formulas and recipes to create professional makeup for the creative industries.

While Kryolan range from, pro equipment, hair effects, special effects, brushes, makeup removal, and care, its best-sellers to date are its foundations, primer, concealers, and setting powders. The Kryolan TV Paint stick has been a global choice for artists preparing for TV, theatre, wedding, and other event shoots due to its gentle application and effective coverage for SFX, TV, and other settings exposing the skin to increased heat and lighting. For professionals and consumers alike, Kryolan offers high-quality, reliable, tested, and long-lasting .

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